Working and living in Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a small island and province of Indonesia, known to be one of the most popular destinations for tourists visiting this country, as well as for many backpackers who come in search of the essence of the place, surfers who are looking for the best waves, and even in recent years, has become a destination for digital nomads. If you are one of these people who wants to live and work in Bali, here you will find all the information you need.

Bali is a very small island, barely 140 km long from east to west and about 90 km from north to south, the island has an area of no more than 5,636 kmĀ². Opposite it, about 2.4 to 3.2 km wide, is the Bali strait that separates the island from its neighboring island of Java. In addition to having beaches for all tastes, it has a mountain range that dominates the entire island reaching 3,142 meters in altitude at the Agung Volcano. The capital and more populated city of Bali is Denpasar.

One of the wonders of this island (and not the only one), are its coral reefs that completely surround it with paradisiacal white sand beaches in the south and black in the north that make possible water activities such as surfing or diving.

Its population is about 3 million inhabitants. Most of the inhabitants of the island of Bali are engaged in agriculture, mainly rice cultivation, fishing and crafts.

Living and working in Bali

For now, it all sounds very nice but there are also some complications in wanting to live in this tropical paradise.

Unlike other countries, Indonesia has very strict rules about foreigners working in the country. To work legally in Indonesia, you must have a special work permit called KITAS. To obtain this work permit, you must find an Indonesian company willing to hire and sponsor you.

The truth is that it is not something unique since there are many countries that require an employment contract offered by a national company in order to get a work permit. However, the KITAS, the permit to work in Bali, is very expensive, it can cost around 2,000 dollars, being a big obstacle for most companies and individuals.

Nothing is impossible and there are always options, in fact, there are many foreigners working on the island. You have to be smart and shuffle the different options that appear in the labor market if you want to work in Bali. Being well informed, knowing people who have already set up their business or who are working on the island will be fundamental in facilitating the maze of employment regulations on Bali.

Working in a company in Bali

There are some companies in Bali that are looking exclusively for foreigners. Ideally, you should draw up a list of companies that offer these services and contact them to let them know about your availability.

Normally the companies that hire foreigners are the big hotels & resorts and restaurants covering management positions, chefs, marketing and public relations, human resources… There are also other companies that can hire highly qualified professionals.

Teaching languages such as English or Spanish is another option for working in Bali, however, salaries in these areas are unfortunately low and there are only a handful of schools that hire foreign teachers.

Although it may be more difficult to find, there are foreign companies that can send you to work in Bali. In fact, here you can access a directory of Spanish companies established in Bali. There are also companies from other countries in this destination.

Below you will find some web pages where you can search for job offers to work in Bali:

Joobstreet: In this web there are many opportunities to work in Bali in all professional sectors.
LinkedIn: Of course, you can not miss the opportunities that are published on LinkedIn. You have to pay attention to this social network because there are very good offers at an international level.
Jobsdb: This website is very useful for finding job opportunities in hotels in Indonesia.
Englishfirst: This language school offers opportunities to work teaching English in Bali.
Seek: This is a website where there are job offers in different sectors.